The road to buying a watch for the post-90s struggling youth Every watch records a story of the past

It’s a record of the past few years, a testimony. Disclaimer before the article, not the slightest intention to show off, just sharing.

A family photo, with the watch shaker box, but I like the original boxes from these watch manufacturers.

That’s right, quartz-backed, the wave of manipulation, unreadable.

I was 21 years old and just in my second year of university. That year was the start of a family decline. My mother, who was frugal, bought me this watch. I remember very clearly that it was originally my father’s birthday for her, and he had given her 20,000, and it was really time to replace her broken domestic watch, so she took me to the mall to choose a watch. I was on my way to shopping blindly when I spotted this 3,500 watch, which I really didn’t understand at the time, so I thought it looked good. In the end, my mother bought a thousand-odd piece herself and brought it home for me. Even now, I often wear this watch to various occasions.

Movado, personally, I think the line is between fashion and practicality. I was 22 years old and my family was in a very precarious financial situation. I left university that year and started working to earn money to support my family. When it was close to Chinese New Year, I couldn’t resist treating myself to a 10,000 yuan watch, the one I wore the least.

The OMEGA box is really something

This year I was 23 and my family’s business slowly started to recover, but it was still a very difficult time. After I left school, I started to develop some small businesses to supplement the family and gradually had some surplus. In the first half of the year I bought an Omega Discus because of business needs, and in the second half of the year I bought a Cartier Blue Balloon because of relationship problems.

During the year, I was hoodwinked by my so-called favourite of the year over money matters and I was told she was going to find someone who supposedly had everything to live a comfortable life. Over the past few years, I emptied myself of everything I could and gave her up, keeping just a hug and a nice guy card. On the day of her confession, she had a blue balloon in her hand. The blue balloon was like a golden hoop that weighed me down for the second half of the year. Countless days and nights of struggling to save money while raising a family, finally taking it home at the end of the year.

At the age of 24, after saying goodbye to the past and concentrating on my career, I officially assisted my father in taking over the business, and with twenty years of exposure and learning,Top Quality Replica Watches UK pulled the business back from the life-and-death line together with him. It was also the year I met my wife, my beloved Grand Princess, and true to the old adage, a career is a man’s face. This is a Swiss Berger, a gift from an old friend when we got married. The price was around 29,000 I think. White dial, blue hands and blue lettering. It was said to be a limited edition movement, very rare and so on and so forth. I ended up with a watch without a second hand. But one thing’s for sure, it’s not bad.

At the age of 25, as I attended more and more formal occasions, I realized that I did not have a gold hand watch with formal wear. After looking around, I originally wanted to buy a Universal Portuguese 7. After taking a day to look for one, I found nothing suitable and was about to leave when I found this gold hand Portofino, also with a 7-day chain, especially the raised face on its front, which I loved at first sight.

A family heirloom Negro. This watch has been in my father’s hands for five years without the slightest problem. From the time I officially managed the business, my father added a Yacht Prestige II and gave me this black ghost. The first reaction to getting it was to service it, maintain it and polish it. Two days later, it was as good as new. I really admire the watchmaking skills of Rolex, it is really resistant to manufacture.

After the wedding, a gift from my daughter-in-law. Bought in Xian, the log is really beautiful.

Between gold sash circles, raised the day before yesterday. Doesn’t Rolex need this kind of Oyster big chain to look good? I feel I don’t deserve them, even though the price is similar.

The box is really superb

When I was very young, I was envious of hearing about earning tens of millions of dollars a year, but I didn’t have an idea. Now that I’ve reached it, I realize it’s nothing more than an admission ticket, a Blancpain fifty, the day I got a promotion and a raise, a gift to myself.

The day before yesterday, I followed the Sash Circle counter and took it away. From the first day I entered the watch pit, I fell in love with it, in my eyes, it is not just a watch, but a work of art. It has seen me through the ups and downs of my relationship and career over the years. I bought them on the day I signed my first contract with my own company.

A watch is a tool, a record of time. It is not just a record of time, but a story of the time that has passed. Each watch is a record of my past stories, my past emotions, my life, my countless days and nights of struggle. I would like to dedicate this post to the post-90s youth who are struggling endlessly.

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